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Posted: 14 December 2018
Updated: 14 December 2018

Can you help troubleshoot this email problem ASAP?

I just discovered why I have not been receiving emails about hiring me for English: the emails sent to that address are silently failing to deliver. Silently. I never receive it, and they think I am ignoring them.

When I had a phone, I gave my WhatsApp and email. After the stolen phone, I only gave the email. Hundreds of people have that email and I have not received anything.

I have the skill to troubleshoot this problem, but I don’t have the time. Because I am still homeless and desperately poor, I must do other things first.

If you have the skill to troubleshoot this, contact me. Wire is best. ProtonMail is working.

WTF? I am doing everything I can do, but every time I might make some progress, some random crap punches me into the ground.

Before I discovered this gigantic and substantive problem, I was already having trouble coping. In retrospect, the inability of people to contact me to hire me or to help me—and then they think I am ignoring them—is probably a huge cause of much of my distress. Dozens of people promised they would hire me or help me and we would communicate via WhatsApp or email. But none of those people have followed through. The only people who have followed through were people who came back and talked to me in person.

OMG. There could easily be multiple professors contacting me to edit papers. This is a fucking catastrophe.

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