I bought some medicine

This is the most sick I have been in a long time, so I had to buy some medicine. I could only afford some anti-diarrhea medicine, so I spent US$3 on it and I bought some saltine crackers. I feel a little better because I am less dehydrated and because my body has been able to absorb some calories for energy.

I paid for two more nights here, so I have lodging through 12 December 2014. I have two or three nights of credit that I earned through a new rewards program. I am unsure of the details, but it seems that I should have lodging through 15 December 2014. I have $185.91 for lodging and food, which is not much. I certainly cannot afford to buy medicine that helps me to cope.

I do not have a plan, but it seems that writing about things helps me to let go of emotional issues, which helps me be more productive. There are two major things I want to write about–the illegal subpoena and invasion of privacy by the ARDC, and what happened in the UK–but both topics are emotionally devastating to me and each have hundreds of pages of documents that need to be processed. If I had help processing and formatting the documents, it would be a huge help. The most specialized knowledge anyone would need is how to modify PDFs, which is very simple and easy to learn.

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