Healthcare is a right

Posted: 13 December 2018
Updated: 13 December 2018

Begging everyday

I dislike that I must beg every day. Many people are nice to me and bring me food, but I must beg every day, all day, or I will run out of medicine. No medicine means death. It is humiliating.

I ask for work: I’ve given 100 flyers only to interested people. Hundreds more have my email address.

I was using my titanium cook set, which was a gift from Rudy, to collect coins and bills. Two of the three pieces were stolen. No, you don’t need to know the details: blame the criminal, not the victim. So, I bought 20 L of water and cut a hole in the lid. It weighs 20 kg, so it’s much more difficult to steal. But now, when I want to go to the bathroom, charge my devices, go to the grocery, or go anywhere else, I must carry an extra 20 kg without it leaking everywhere.

Send a little each month so I can break the cycle of poverty?

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