Alea iacta est

  1. New city
    1. Significant improvement
    2. Bus ticket MX$661
    3. I can’t camp here, so I will go to a rural area
  2. Modafinil
    1. Walmart discontinued buy 3, get 1 free program. This was my third box, so I was planning to receive the free fourth box.
    2. Price also increased 10%
  3. Thank you for the cash
  4. Used free night on hostel, owe three nights MX$390
  5. Have US$99.88
  6. My health is horrible
    1. Strong symptoms from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and panic disorder
    2. More broken teeth. I can’t eat peanuts anymore
    3. Strange and painful skin infection on my legs for three or four months
    4. My coordination has deteriorated
    5. Many other problems
  7. Multiple times I’ve almost broken out of the vicious cycle, but bizarre things happened and derailed each opportunity. Unpredictable things such as my messenger program not working for 36 hours.
  8. As problems get worse, the cost to fix them increases. To turn my life around, I calculated I need US$9600 in a lump sum. That won’t happen.
  9. I’m going camping
    1. Away from noise
    2. Saves money on lodging
    3. Might save money on food
    4. Something will change
      1. If my symptoms magically become manageable, I will be able to build a new life
      2. Or I will run out of medicine and be completely non-functional. No more worries or uncertainty.

Broken teeth and two layers of ear plugs

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