Healthcare is a right

Posted: 19 May 2019
Updated: 19 May 2019

A lie, my limits, and suicide

I found a doctor who could help me, so I moved to his city. He lied: he is not a doctor.

It’s the same cycle. I spend most of my time trying to create a job I can do while I am disabled. I run out of money. I spend all of my time begging for your permission to eat and have medicine. I get some help. I ration my medicines and food. I spend a little time looking for a cure. I can’t do this forever.

I’ve put aside MXN$700 ($35). When the pain and hopelessness is too much, if I don’t have money, I’ll still have a little money to increase my options for where and how I die. I feel better because now I’m not afraid of the knife.

We can cure my illness and my poverty if you support my recovery.

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