Healthcare is a right

Posted: 16 April 2018
Updated: 28 April 2018

99¢ per day could make you a prostitute

The high cost of sacrifice

I need your help to survive, but how much can you sacrifice?

(Reminder: I don’t have money because I can’t work. I can’t work because I have medical problems. I have medical problems because I don’t have the cure. I don’t have the cure because I don’t have money. Return to the beginning.)

If you sent me money each month, how would it affect your life?

47¢ per day

If you were to spend an extra 47¢ each day, you would need to cancel Netflix and endure the humiliation of reading books.

99¢ per day

If you send me 99¢ per day, you will only survive by eating ramen noodles and prostituting yourself. (Lawyers would be able to do this if not for the ramen noodle diet.)

$1.93 per day

You would be a fool to cancel your gym membership and exercise outside just to send me $1.93 per day because your reduced exercise will shorten your life expectancy and you might be struck by lightning while exercising outside.

$5.33 per day

Only the most noble and extraordinarily tough person would downgrade their Starbucks triple-shot blonde, grande, four-pump half-vanilla half-hazelnut, almond milk, extra hot macchiato ($8.12) to a venti drip coffee ($2.79).

$999.99 per month

Actually, $999.99 per month would be a burden for almost everyone.

Pick your poison

How far will/can you go so I can survive this nightmare and I can return to helping other people?

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