5HT2A desensitization

I now know two of my physical problems. First, for reasons unknown, my neurons do not have enough 5HT2A receptors. Second, for reasons unknown, my neural synapses either do not have enough dopamine or my neurons do not have enough dopamine receptors. Those two things are biological diseases. The symptoms of those biological problems are labeled “depression” and “anxiety.”

Because I am homeless again, I will have to abandon many things. I didn’t plan to be homeless, but when the six people attacked me and broke my arm, all of my plans had to change. Here is a photo of all of my stuff the night I moved out of my apartment. Clearly, it cannot all fit in my backpack and I cannot carry it with me.

Here is a poor quality photo of my broken arm being diagnosed by the doctor.

Here is a video of the police officer who stole my Kindle. And one of the people who attacked me is with them. The cops know the guy attacked me because the guy told them he attacked me. Nothing happened to the people who attacked me, obviously.

Here is a photo of my stuff in the hostel.

I tried to sell the extra things, but I sold less than US$5 in three hours.

I have not been to the hospital, had an X-ray, or had the bone set. My arm and wrist hurt.

In the US, I was harassed by the police, too. In the US, a woman punched me in the face and threatened to call her gang friends and kill me, too. The police officer who responded to my call for help didn’t do anything, either. The US is not safer than Mexico. My problem is not where I live. My problem is that I have biological medical problems, see above, but I can’t get treatment to heal.

I’m already out of some medicines.

I must go back to sleeping on the street so I can have more money for food and medicine. But soon, I won’t have enough money for food or medicine. If you want to help, click here.

“Depression” and “anxiety” are symptoms of my diseases: too few 5HT2A receptors and low dopamine activation.

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