Healthcare is a right

Posted: 18 December 2018
Updated: 18 December 2018

33 cents

I need a smartphone for multiple reasons including that I can make money.

I need amino acids and more B vitamins for many reasons including they will reduce my symptoms and I will save money.

I can’t buy both.

I’m homeless. I know what will reduce my symptoms enough that I can work, but I don’t have enough money to buy those things. Because I am homeless, people steal from me. So when I am able to buy something, it has a risk of being stolen. I am homeless so my “lifestyle” is hard on my equipment, so all of my items break more quickly than normal, and then I need money to replace the items. I’m homeless and this “lifestyle” is hard on my health, which also costs more money.

I asked many times for people to send $10 per month. Only three people send me money each month. Not my father. Not my mother. Not my brother. Sending $10 per month is 33 cents per day. Only 33 cents.

To the many people who read my website, my value is less than 33 cents per day.

People here regularly ask me if I want to return to the United States. No, I don’t want to return to a place where the people value me less than 33 cents, where the people know I have suffered for years and they know that 33 cents is more valuable than my value.

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