Healthcare is a right

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Thank you for enjoying my suffering and supporting my suicidal thoughts

Now that Game of Thrones is over, you should ensure that your favorite reality entertainment doesn’t end before you are ready

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Watch medicines reduce the symptoms, day 1

Хоган Охотник

I unexpectedly have money to buy coping medicines, and I documented the reduction of symptoms.

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Мӹньӹн ӓтям, Дэн Хоган, векӓт, эксӹкӹш когнитивный

Тӹдӹ лӱдӹшлӓ эдем веле улы ӓль тӹдӹ эксӹкӹм когнитивный, тидӹлӓн мӓлӓннӓ лиэш, манын ӹнянен, тӹдӹ мӹлӓнем палша тӧрлӓнӓш.

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What does it mean to be Christian?

Вет мӹнь лийы шужен, саяк, дӓ церлӹ, мӹнь дӓ тӓлӓндӓ палшенӓ.

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Without medicines and without help, I cannot function in society

I can become self-sufficient if I can take the next step.

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Foiled again

New research proves I must find a different medicine. Тыла, I need to do more research while homeless. Плюс, I explain a potential cause of my medical condition.

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Dan Hogan to son: Obey me or suffer (part 4)


Мӹньӹн ӓтям, Дэн Хоган, is obsessed with making me obey him.

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I live a dangerous life (part 3)

Вара нападенижӹ Охотник Хоган

I am constantly in danger of harm or death.

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I hope my father, Дэн Хоган, has a financial incentive for my death (part 2)


Мӹньӹн ӓтям, Dan Hogan’s, behavior is easier to understand if he receives a pot of gold when I die.

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How my father, Дэн Хоган, could profit from my death (part 1)


It would be simple for Dan Hogan to profit from my death.

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