सत्ताधारी किंवा देखरेख ठेवणारी व्यक्ती हजर नसेल तेव्हा त्या व्यक्तीच्या हाताखालील व्यक्ती मन मानेल तसे वागतात आणि पुरुष सर्वोत्तम ठेवले योजना पुष्कळदा वाकडा जा

I am auditioning for a new life

Hand with pen

I have two days to prove to six professors that they should hire me to edit their papers.

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How a sexual predator hurts a vulnerable person


Sexual predators exploit vulnerable people.

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I’m hungry

पैसे नाहीत. अन्न नाही.

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My stalker


I was stalked. WTF?

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Quentin Tarantino presentsSinginin the Rain” (2018)

Red Rain Poncho

Singinin the RainmeetsThe Blair Witch Project,” with no singing or witches.

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A homeless, former assistant state’s attorney has a great place to sleep, but you’ll never guess what happened next!

Yield sign

Oddly, shoes are heavily involved.

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The superpowers of the homeless

Superhero mask

One of the adventures of homelessness.

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मी आवश्यक गोष्टी अर्धवट यादी

आपण या दुर्लक्ष करू शकता.

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I’m ashamed to show you this, परंतु …

My poverty directly caused my poor dental health. पण आता, my poor dental health is one reason I cannot escape poverty.

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A story of sour soup

I paid more for this soup than I have paid for any food, but I was not able eat it.

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