Healthcare is a right

പ്രധാന പേജ്: അഭിപ്രായ

The politico-legal-economic system is evil, but I can help fix it

Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at

The system is sick and causes evil things to happen, and I can be part of the solution to fix our problems.

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Punctuation using e.g. (or i.e.) and lists of examples

Mark Twain

The best answer is probably to not use the Latin words at all.

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Idiom that means trying to save something that is beyond saving


Grasping at strawsis probably the best I can think of but I offer nine alternatives.

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To be, or not to be”: he speaks of three paths, not two

To sleep, perchance to dream

The less obvious dilemma that Hamlet ponders is that death is an undiscovered Country: he might be freed of his current problems but run into the arms of a greater beast.

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Why are religious texts (“The” Bible, “The” Torah, “The” Qu’ran) preceded by “The”?

Convention and reducing ambiguity likely contributed to the use of the definitive article.

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Failure to do something out of fear

Multiple suggestions for a description of inaction from fear.

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Discussing blood alcohol levels in English

How most people in the US would describe blood alcohol levels when writing.

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You thought I was crazy: your privacy is gone

In the following TED talk, Jennifer Golbeck outlines how your privacy is already gone. She tells the story about how the company, Target, knew a 15-year-old girl was pregnant two weeks before she told her parents she was pregnant. Private traits and attributes are predictable from digital records of human behavior Ms. Golbeck mentions a . ..

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George Takei, great American, great human

George Takei

George Takei is an incredible person.

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Lack of perspective

Chuck Shepherd

Chuck Shepherd’sPerspectivehas been warped for the last two weeks.

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