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It takes money to make money

Benzodiazepine molecule

I made excellent progress today towards healing and financial independence, but now I don’t have enough money for food and medicine.

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A cure: psilocybin


Psilocybin is a cure.

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Consumable items I use

I made this list to keep track of the things I consume and need to restock. I will often be in places that it might be hard to buy some of these things, so I keep this list in my notebook and check it from time-to-time to make sure I have enough supplies.

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Medicine and a museum

Rodin, The Kiss

With a friend’s help, I was able to get some medicine. With the help of the medicine, I was able to have a few hours of normal life.

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Survival status: I can have shelter or medicine or food, but only one


I am nearly out of money, and unless something changes, I will run out of medicine and be sleeping on the streets in a few days.

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Survival status: not enough money for food and medicine


I do not have enough money for medicine and food and my mental health is getting worse.

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Survival status


In a video, I showed all of my possessions. I accidentally left out the netbook I am currently using. I forgot about it because I had loaned for a week to it to another guest at the hostel who had his smart phone stolen and couldn’t connect to the internet. Even though the last time . ..

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Towards optimism, ụbọchị 7 nke 21

Cotton swab

The optimism exercise continues, and it is more challenging today than before.

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The Internet, a confident friend, and modern medicines

Omeprazole package

I am grateful for the Internet, a confident friend, and modern medicines.

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