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I understate my problems

I show you an example of how I understate the problems I face.

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My medicines, in detail

An in-depth look at the medical therapies I use, have used, and would like to use for coping.

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I have no fucking money

Pile of pennies

Did you know that I intentionally got sick? Did you know that I could choose to not be sick?

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Dogs are better than people

Dogs rule. People suck.

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Daalụ maka ụtọ m na-ata ahụhụ ma na-akwado m echiche igbu onwe

Now that Game of Thrones is over, you should ensure that your favorite reality entertainment doesn’t end before you are ready

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A lie, my limits, and suicide

The cycle continues.

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The path to self-sufficiency

I have a clear path to self-sufficiency.

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Self harm

Utility knife blades

Ọ dịghị ego. What am I supposed to do?

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You are ashamed to be associated with me

Hunter hogan anyị mgbe a wakpoo

You broke the social contract.

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If you feel suicidal, ask for help,” is a massive fraud

Fraud alert stamp

Suicide prevention is a fraud.

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