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Ihe: 18 April 2019
emelitere: 18 April 2019

ATM fees: poverty is expensive

I pay US$1.50 to PayPal every time I use an ATM. I must pay a fee, usually about US$1.50, to the local bank to use their ATM. Ya mere, I save money if I withdraw larger amounts infrequently.

This hotel only accepts cash, I need to pay for tonight, I don’t have cash, so I must use the ATM. I have US$49.49. The fees to withdraw that cash are 6% of all of my money. Poverty bụ ọnụ. Because I am cash poor, in the last month, I have paid ATM fees equivalent to one month of venlafaxine.

The hotel is giving me a couple of extra hours to pay for tonight. I need support to buy medicine, so I will wait before I use the ATM. You can reduce the amount of money I spend on fees by supporting me right now.

Anyị nwere ike isi gwọọ ọrịa m na m daa ogbenye ma ọ bụrụ na ị na akwado m na-agbake.

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