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Isi na peeji nke: Nsogbu

What is a disability? What disabilities do I have and how do they affect my life?

Why am I posting my ideas instead of doing my ideas?

I am posting my ideas because my medical conditions prevent me from doing my ideas. That is a primary definition of disability: a medical condition that prevents someone from accomplishing that which the person would be able to accomplish if the medical condition were not present. Without help from other people so that I can . ..

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Why cannot Ijust get a job”?

Imagine you had a co-worker or employee who, kwa ụbọchị, na mberede ghọrọ ọnụ ma jiri nwayọọ n'okpuru tebụl ya. N'agbanyeghị otú ezi ihe ọ bụ na ọrụ ya, do you think it would be good for the workplace to have an employee who is afraid to open emails? Sometimes I am paralyzed by indecision and other . ..

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