WordPress plug-ins: ideas around multi-lingual websites

  1. Publicize (Jetpack feature) in different languages. For examples, post to Sina Weibo the Chinese translation of my post instead of the English version. Other channels: Twitter, Russian outlets, Yandex, Baidu
  2. TED talks have subtitles available. Translated articles should be able to detect the language and make the subtitles available
  3. Recommended articles in the language of the viewer: Recommended articles have only been the English-language versions
  4. Need to translate things on widgets like the subscribe widget.
    1. Probably a .po/.mo issue, but this should be more easily managed by a plug-in
  5. When linking to Wikipedia, have the option to redirect to the user’s preferred language.
    1. Sometimes, one language’s article is so superior that redirection is bad.
    2. Of course, this could change over time and would be difficult to monitor.

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