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Posted: 02 December 2014
Updated: 16 December 2017

Cecilia making videos idea for business and Cecilia’s fulfillment

[From 15 November 2008]

Cecilia sings a song (preferably royalty-free), delivers a personal message about a topic of her choice (like hospice volunteers), then an advertisement .
Ideally, the advertisement is for clothing or accessories that she was wearing during the song, and she will explain where to buy them.
Links to the advertiser’s website should be customized: On the destination page, she should record a message specific for that advertiser. Charge the advertiser for the message, of course.
YouTube has demographic information about the viewers. Age and gender. Viewing country is also available, but it is not connected to age and gender.
She could have a contest where she sings the songs of up and coming bands. They perform the song with her in the video, and they don’t charge her royalties. It is a way to get quality, original songs at a cheap price. It will also be good publicity because every garage band will check out her videos.
Things to integrate: