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“Pujian kpd Tuhan” dilakukan oleh Genangan air Kasihan Partai, dan beberapa pemain bonus

Puddles the Clown

Leonard Cohen’s “Pujian kpd Tuhan” beautifully sung by Puddles the Clown, a short history of the song’s rise in popularity, and some of my favorite performances by other artists.

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Gatorade Song (Gatorade Has Evolved), Kermit Quinn

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Commonly know asThe Gatorade Songbecause Gatorade captured the attention of the English speaking world with their 2010 commercials and provided this fantastic song for free. Kermit Quinn, one-time member of Blackstreet (thinkNo Diggity”), performs an energetic and authentic song that inspires everyone to do something. You must have this in your music . ..

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