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सब कुछ एक चुंबन के साथ बेहतर हो जाता है



[नारी, तुम मेरे भगवान हैं।]

Chapter 1 — Alone


Anica करने के लिए

To Lluby {Note: I have lost my copy of this poem. If you have a copy, please send it to me.}



[मैं कैसे आप धीरे पसंद]


[i don’t like being alone.]



Chapter 2 — Courtney

new relationship


ambivalence (in the end)

To Courtney

Chapter 3 — Alone

[i can summon Wendyness.]

vision inspired


Chapter 4 — Heather

[i know who magical is.]

[i know this is going to hurt]

[am i in love with her?]

[today more than the last few]

[i can’t count the number of times i almost cried today]

The Fire and the Moth

Chapter 5 — Forgetting Wendy

[i want more self-discipline]

[so here it is thanksgiving]

[i feel like a pathetic sap]

[when will i forget to love you?]

[Have you ever chased the sun?]

[“I’ll call you back in 15 मिनट”]

[i want beautiful]

[laugh for me no more]

[driving alone on the freeway.]

[i had a dream about you last night]

Chapter 6 — Letting Go

[Disaffected silence]

[my passion is dead]

[if man is an animal,]

a hers Potential

She Sparkles Under Moonlight

letting go of her(रों)

Chapter 7 — Goodbye


[i am missing everyone and no one.]

[it’s definitely spring]

[i watched star wars tonight]

[i have a headache]

[i have lived a thousand little fantasies]

[i know what characteristics i want in a her]

[parting is an incomplete process.]