התוכניות מדוקדקות הטובות של עכברים ואנשים הולכות לעתים קרובות השתבשו

Self-surgery #1: trying to remove the tumor and both moles

Cutting a mole

Trying to cut the diseases off my body.

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Self-surgery: screen test

This was the final screen test before I tried self-surgery.

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Self-surgery preparation: tumor or moles

Equipment for self-surgery

I have my equipment ready for doing surgery on myself. I don’t have local anesthesia. I most want to remove the large tumor on my chest because it is uncomfortable and because it is ugly.

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Local help (I hope)

Cut finger

Three steps to healing.

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The cure is cheaper than the illness

Supporting my recovery is less expensive than supporting my suffering.

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Why do I help people who try to rob me?

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The budget


I wish I didn’t have to waste so much time every week writing posts begging for permission to live.

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Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at

באחרון 26 שעות, אני עדיין לא עברתי הרבה. ישנתי ככל שיכולתי, אבל היה לי סיוטים, הצוואר שלי כואב, ואני מרגיש שזה קצת מגרד בכל רחבי. אני ישן על הרצפה ליד בניין ועוד כמה דקות לפני, a guy tried to steal my phone from my . ..

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Better symptoms, cleaner, but nothing is free

Some good things, a potentially great contact, I smell pretty, and the cost.

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Daily cost, no electricity & leprechauns

Pot of gold

To stay alive, I need US$9.70 per day for medicine. I need more if I am to heal and be able to work.

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