The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

Posted: 09 eanáir 2018
Updated: 23 aibreán 2018

How I could earn money

If I could reduce my symptoms, I could easily earn the money I need to survive.

  1. Sharpening knives. It worked before.
  2. Selling vermiculite.
    1. I paid 80 pesos (plus shipping) for 2.5L, but I could have bought 100L for 500 pesos.
    2. Gross revenue: 100 / 2.5 = 40 packages for $80 each is 40*80=3200 pesos.
    3. $2700 profit
  3. Selling prepared agar plates.
    1. They sell for $150 per plate, plus shipping.
    2. I would need to purchase sterile, plastic, Petri dishes. MXN$2800 for 1152 plates.
    3. I have 440g of excess, dry agar. 39g of dry agar makes 1000ml of liquid agar.
    4. Each plate holds 10ml of liquid agar.
    5. 440g÷39g×1000ml÷10ml = 1128 plates.
    6. Gross revenue: 1128*150=MXN$169,200
    7. Gross profit: 169,200-2800=MXN$166,400
    8. Other potential costs:
      1. 3-5% transaction fee for credit cards
      2. Labor for one or more of the following: cold-calling diagnostic clinics (those clinics are everywhere in Mexico), making the plates, fulfilling internet orders.
      3. Shipping materials (or put it in the cost of shipping)
      4. Breakage.Preparing agar require skill and precision

If my symptoms were manageable, I could easily earn money with the three methods, os cionn. Ar ndóigh, there are many other things I could do such as teach English, sell spores, or start one of my many business ideas.

But I can’t do anything without foscadh, bia, agus leigheas. I can’t function when my symptoms cause nightmares. I must have help so I can reduce my symptoms.

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