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What treatments have I tried, researched, or would like to try so that I may heal?

What treatments are available to me?

I am citizen of the United States, and our healthcare system only properly serves those who can afford itplus it is the most expensive healthcare system in the world. Suurimman osan elämästäni, I have not been able to afford full treatment. Silti, since I was 23 vuotta vanha, I have had some access . ..

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What medicine do I need?

All of the following have been prescribed or recommended by a doctor, and all of the prescriptions have been prescribed by a specialist, such as a gastroenterologist. Venlafaxine 75mg, 2 x day, for anxiety disorder, PTSD, and panic disorder Modafinil, prescriptions have ranged from 100mg 1 x day to 3 x day, depending on my . ..

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