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Posted: 10 November 2014
Updated: 15 January 2018

What is the best social network for privacy, security, and liberty?

Big Brother is Watching You

All of the now popular social networks fail to protect our privacy, keep our data secure, and give us the liberty to control the information we post and the information they collect about us. Many intelligent people are trying to solve this problem, especially by creating social networks that are inherently resistant to the above problems.


At least three social networks have potential: diaspora* (Wikipedia article), Friendica (Wikipedia article), and RetroShare (Wikipedia article).

Which social network is the best and why? Are there other social networks that are clearly better than these options? Tweet your thoughts.

@retroshare Friendica @joindiaspora: best social network for your privacy? #StopBigBro @EFF

— Hunter Hogan NOW (@HunterHoganNOW) November 10, 2014

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