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Your suicide prevention hashtag and suicide hotline are killing people

No credible study has found evidence that a suicide hotline reduces the overall suicide rate. In fact, some scientific studies have found that suicide hotlines increase the suicide rate.Do something useful: donate. Do something useful: tell other people to donate. Stop harming people by spreading lies about suicide hotlines.

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Save cat lives: DualDonate to Blissful Cat Sanctuary

Blissful Cat Sanctuary rescues cats and gives them food, veterinarian care, medicine, heaters and fans, and permanent shelter. Support cat rescue through this DualDonate campaign.

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My poverty will no longer stop my support of other people: DualDonate

DualDonate symbol

DualDonate gives you the power to support good causes and lift me out of poverty. In a DualDonate campaign, half the money supports my escape from poverty and half the money supports good things.

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Why I can’t speak frankly about my life or my feelings

I guess I am a coward.

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Fundraiser—prove psilocybin and MDMA are medicine

You can help prove that psilocybin and MDMA are medicines by supporting my recovery from depression, anxiety, and disability.

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How would you describe me to a stranger?


I can better understand how to introduce myself if you tell me how you would describe me to a stranger.

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I need help finding help

Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at

When I try to ask for help, I have physical pain and emotional pain. I accomplish very little. I need your help to create a fundraising campaign. I need your help to find local who will help me. Please contact me.

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Why should I even try?

Yin, yang

Despair and hopelessness are the same feeling. It causes me to doubt myself with questions such as, “Why try?” and, “What’s the point?” Struggling against those feelings so I can do things is ever-present. To overcome the feelings, I use rationality, “You should try to ask for help because people have promised to help you.” . . .

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A new (minor-ish) problem; and will you donate your TIME?

If you will help me write and publish (online), I can get the support I need to recover.

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Extortion by Facebook; hopelessness; suicidal thoughts increasing

Facebook wants me to pay them to communicate with you. My life is horrible.

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