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Email sorting tool

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Solution: a cross-platform, cross-client plug-in to automatically sort emails based on multiple, user-configurable parameters.

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A better, more private internet on the horizon

Let’s Encrypt

The EFF is creating a service that will significantly improve privacy on the internet.

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The power of Pokemon

Pokemon plugin

An easy tool to correctly spell Pokemon.

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Problems with web hosting.

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What is the best social network for privacy, security, and liberty?

Big Brother is Watching You

What social network can provide us with the privacy, security, and liberty that the current popular social networks cannot give us?

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Make your instant messaging more private and more secure

Enigma rotor set. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Make an incremental and easy change to start protecting your security and privacy by using Pidgin and Off-the-Record.

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How to have 100% dynamic elements with only HTML and CSS

HTML5 Styling

Creating a dynamic webpage requires that the individual components be dynamic. Resizing PDF, Flash, iframe, embedded objects, and other items can often be difficult. This following method only uses HTML and style sheets.

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Testing new features


I experimented with a the Users Ultra plug-in for WordPress but I decided that it was not useful for my website, so I deleted it.

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Computer Science GRE Study Guide Home

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Table of Contents I. Software Systems and Methodology – 40% A. Data organization  1. Data types  2. Data structures and implementation techniques B. Program control and structure  1. Iteration and recursion  2. Procedures, functions, methods, and exception handlers C. Programming languages and notation D. Software engineeringII. Computer Organization and Architecture – 15% A. Digital logic design C. Memories and their hierarchies D. Networking and communicationsIII. Theory . . .

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Computer Science GRE Study Guide, Data types

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Table of Contents I.    Software Systems and Methodology – 40% A.    Data organization 1.      Data types a.       Definition: Data types are assigned to blocks of information. The type tells the program how to handle the specific information. For example, an integer data type can be multiplied, but a Boolean data type cannot. b.      In C, . . .

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