The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

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Americans are too rich to give a fuck about dirty Mexicans

Flag of Mexico

It is wrong to place such a large burden on Mexico.

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I have shelter, аш & most things I need

Box of food

I have almost everything I need to reduce my symptoms, earn some money, and start the path to recovery.

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What day is it? It’s Crisis Saturday! Yeah!

Хоган Һунарсы

I have temporary shelter and food. I have many of my medicines. But I still have a crisis.

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Ғәҙәттән планына индереү

Neuron synapse

Һуңғы ваҡытҡа тиклем, был табиптар өсөн ниндәй мөмкинлектәр булыуын, мин дауалау өсөн.

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Хоган Һунарсы

Recent events.

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Saturday inventory

Шешә медицинаһы рецептары

I inventory my medicine every Saturday.

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Buy food or medicine? Or ration my medicine?

"EffexorXR 75and150mg" by Parhamr - Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons - протокол

I must buy four medicines.

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I live a dangerous life (part 3)

Хоган һунарсы һөжүменән һуң,

I am constantly in danger of harm or death.

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I hope my father, Хоган Дэн, has a financial incentive for my death (part 2)


Минең атайым, Dan Hogan’s, behavior is easier to understand if he receives a pot of gold when I die.

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How my father, Хоган Дэн, could profit from my death (part 1)


It would be simple for Dan Hogan to profit from my death.

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