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Main page: ARDC documents

This is an index of documents to or from the ARDC. They are arranged in chronological order. Nearly all of the documents are in PDF, and some of them are over 1,000 pages; the links below link to the first page only.

Some documents are missing from this index, including documents that:

My goal is to post all documents, whether or not the documents are flattering to me.

Document titleDate created
Letter From ARDC Page 107 April 2010
Letter To ARDC With Attached Documents Page 125 April 2010
Notice From Chicago Kent About Subpoena Page 129 April 2010
Subpoena Page 125 October 2010
No Subpoena Extension Letter Page 108 December 2010
Letter To ARDC Admin About Their Violations Page 110 May 2011
Letter Saying Inquiry Board Voted Yes Page 120 May 2011
Motion to Dismiss page 129 July 2011
Administrator’s Motion to Extend Time page 102 August 2011
Order Administrator’s Motion Extend Time page 104 August 2011
Administrator’s Response to Motion to Dismiss page 110 August 2011
Motion to Strike page 111 August 2011
Reply to Response to Motion to Dismiss page 122 August 2011
Order Motion to Dismiss Strike page 109 September 2011
Request for Explicit Ruling page 129 December 2011
ARDC Motion To Strike Page 103 January 2012
Order Barring Evidence page 110 January 2012
ARDC’s illegal subpoena to OkCupid page 122 March 2012
ARDC’s Motion to allow the illegal OkCupid subpoena page 123 March 2012
ARDC Letter With Exhibit June 25 With Hogan Blog Page 125 June 2012
ARDC Amended Exhibit 20 June 26 Page 126 June 2012
Motion to Extend the Time to File a Brief page 125 January 2013
Review Board Extending My Time to File Brief page 119 March 2013
Review Board Order Extending Administrator’s Time and Alternate Service page 115 May 2013
Motion to Strike Administrator’s Brief to Review Board page 105 June 2013
Review Board Denies Motion to Strike page 106 June 2013