The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

How my father, ዳን Hogan, could profit from my death (part 1)


It would be simple for Dan Hogan to profit from my death.

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Food is twice as expensive

አዳኝ Hogan

Being too poor to sleep inside still costs money.

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An unintended experiment reinforced the hypo-dopamine diagnosis

Neuron synapse

By running out of alprazolam, I unintentionally found more evidence that some symptoms are due to low dopamine activation.

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Note to self—from six years ago

Notepad and pencil

I found a six-year-old document in which, I evaluated my situation and options at the time. It is interesting to see what has changed and what has not changed.

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What bupropion has done for me


An example of a symptom I have when I don’t take bupropion.

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Just the facts


I have been sleeping inside in a quiet and safe place, but everything will change in three days.

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ዓቃብያነ ያለው ዘግናኝ ድርጊት


ዓቃብያነ በየጊዜው ሥልጣናቸውን አላግባብ, እና መለወጥ አለበት.

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Hypo-ዶፓሚን በሽታ

Neuron synapse

አዲስ መድሃኒት የእኔን ምልክቶች ማሻሻል ነው.

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ማህበራዊ በእኛ Eusocial (closed captions)


ጉንዳኖች እና ሰዎች.

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የመንገድ መድኃኒት ለማግኘት በመለመን

እኔ የረጅም ጊዜ ዕቅድ ለማድረግ በቂ ሀብቶች የለዎትም, ስለዚህ እኔ ፍጹም አስፈላጊ ጋር በመጀመር ነኝ. ለኔ, ይህ አራት ነገሮች ማለት.

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