Healthcare is 'n reg

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The Monday money-crisis

I need to buy medicines, kos, skuiling, en meer.

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Things I might buy if I had some money


Stuff I need.

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Watch some good medicines reducing the symptoms, dag 3

More adventures as the symptoms decrease.

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Watch medicines reduce the symptoms, dag 1

Hunter Hogan

I unexpectedly have money to buy coping medicines, and I documented the reduction of symptoms.

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ATM fees: poverty is expensive

Geen geld

I pay US$1.50 to PayPal every time I use an ATM. I must pay a fee, usually about US$1.50, to the local bank to use their ATM. daarom, I save money if I withdraw larger amounts infrequently. This hotel only accepts cash, I need to pay for tonight, I don’t have cash, so I must . ..

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How food prevents me from healing

Burger and fries

I must spend excessive time and energy on eating.

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Sonder medisyne en sonder hulp, Ek kan nie funksioneer in die samelewing

Ek kan selfonderhoudend raak as ek die volgende stap kan neem.

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The cure is cheaper than the illness

Supporting my recovery is less expensive than supporting my suffering.

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The budget


I wish I didn’t have to waste so much time every week writing posts begging for permission to live.

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Stry die krag. Hunter Hogan by

While I slept, someone stole my only shoes. This is a first draft of a portion of something I thought would help people. Primary goal We want to change things so that I don’t help from anyone. 1) We must reduce my symptoms. 2) We must create a healthy place for me to live. The . ..

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