Healthcare is a right

Bladsye gemerk met: Dood en sterf

Thank you for enjoying my suffering and supporting my suicidal thoughts

Now that Game of Thrones is over, you should ensure that your favorite reality entertainment doesn’t end before you are ready

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A lie, my limits, and suicide

The cycle continues.

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The path to self-sufficiency

I have a clear path to self-sufficiency.

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Self harm

Utility knife blades

Geen geld. What am I supposed to do?

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You are ashamed to be associated with me

Hunter Hogan nadat hy aangeval

You broke the social contract.

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If you feel suicidal, ask for help,” is a massive fraud

Fraud alert stamp

Suicide prevention is a fraud.

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Sonder medisyne en sonder hulp, Ek kan nie funksioneer in die samelewing

Ek kan selfonderhoudend raak as ek die volgende stap kan neem.

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One week

I’m scared.

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The cure is cheaper than the illness

Supporting my recovery is less expensive than supporting my suffering.

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Why do I help people who try to rob me?

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