The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

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I need time to find a cure; and I can save money if I can change my therapy plan

I can reduce my symptoms, eliminate some negative side effects, and lower my costs—if I can buy in bulk.

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Stry die krag. Hunter Hogan by

While I slept, someone stole my only shoes. This is a first draft of a portion of something I thought would help people. Primary goal We want to change things so that I don’t help from anyone. 1) We must reduce my symptoms. 2) We must create a healthy place for me to live. The . ..

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Saturday sadness

Inventorying medicines, begging in the street, and begging online: five hours I could have used to improve my life instead of just survive.

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I am auditioning for a new life

Hand with pen

I have two days to prove to six professors that they should hire me to edit their papers.

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Gedeeltelike lys van dinge wat ek nodig het

Jy kan dit ignoreer.

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A story of sour soup

I paid more for this soup than I have paid for any food, but I was not able eat it.

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I have shelter, kos & most things I need

Box of food

I have almost everything I need to reduce my symptoms, earn some money, and start the path to recovery.

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Terapeutiese plan inleiding

Neuron synapse

Tot onlangs, dit is onmoontlik vir enige dokter aan my te genees.

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Hunter Hogan

Recent events.

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More crisis

Kneeling and begging

geen medisyne.

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