Healthcare is 'n reg

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What is a disability? What disabilities do I have and how do they affect my life?

Why am I posting my ideas instead of doing my ideas?

I am posting my ideas because my medical conditions prevent me from doing my ideas. That is a primary definition of disability: a medical condition that prevents someone from accomplishing that which the person would be able to accomplish if the medical condition were not present. Without help from other people so that I can . ..

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Why cannot Ijust get a job”?

Imagine you had a co-worker or employee who, elke dag, skielik oorweldig en gekruip onder sy lessenaar. Maak nie saak hoe goed hy was by sy werk, dink jy dit sal goed wees vir die werkplek aan 'n werknemer wat bang is om e-pos oop te maak? Sometimes I am paralyzed by indecision and other . ..

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