Healthcare is a right

Dogs are better than people

Dogs rule. People suck.

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I can’t eat because of symptoms because I don’t have medicine because I don’t have money

Hunter Hogan

In sitting in front of food. I’m hungry. I know I need calories. But my stomach is in pain and I’m nauseated and if I eat anything, I will have a lot more pain throughout my gastrointestinal tract for many hours. I’ve taken what few medicines I have that can help this situation. To go . . .

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Thinking about suicide again

I almost got hit by a taxi. I got angry at the driver. He got out of the taxi, he was taller, heaver, and jacked. He threatened me. We parted ways. Some people got angry at me and went and got two police officers. That was the only time Mexican police officers have manhandled me. . . .

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The Monday money-crisis

I need to buy medicines, food, shelter, and more.

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Things I might buy if I had some money


Stuff I need.

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I’m still in despair

Life can always get worse.

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I’m trying to make money by building a pendulum wave

I’m trying to make money.

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A few numbers about my life

Numbers. There’s no grand narrative, but there’s numbers.

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My behavior

If you don’t like my interpersonal behavior, then you have a problem, not I.

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I don’t think I will ever learn

Broken teeth and two layers of ear plugs

A few days ago, a man at a hostel was having violent seizures and heart arrhythmia, which is potentially fatal. The hostel manager didn’t take charge and the police didn’t take charge, so I lead the group of 20 guests who wanted to help the man. The hostel manager called the ambulance five or six . . .

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