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Index of old political articles


  1. Jingoism is American
  2. Should We Allow Gays To Vote?
  3. Save the helpless
  4. Kill all terrorists
  5. Peace is an action
  6. Security is not a zero-sum game


  1. Six candles toppled the Berlin Wall
  2. Can non-violence overthrow an oppressive dictator?
  3. Non-violence in South Africa


  1. Let's get al Qaeda
  2. America th Bully
  3. Compassion
  4. Be a patriot, and support the Constitution
  5. Saddam is a Criminal
  6. Fear
  7. Imperialism, do you want that?
  8. We can just leave Iraq
  9. The Iraqi people are weak and helpless
  10. Why are there terrorists?
  11. Is Iraq another Vietnam? (Revisited)
  12. Is Iraq another Vietnam?


  1. Foreign aid helps killers
  2. Did Killing the Hamas Leader Help Israel?
  3. Invasion = Imperialism (Africa)
  4. Imperialism is not safety
  5. Invasion = Imperialism (The Near East)
  6. Why are there terrorists?