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Posted: 13 April 2003
Updated: 19 January 2015

Invasion = Imperialism (The Near East)

White House criteria

The White House says that there are four main reasons for invading Iraq. They point out that Saddam has killed and tortured his own people, waged war with his neighbors, and defied the United Nations.

Why is terrorism not on this list? The White House does not use it as a credible reason for invasion. The CIA has dismissed the idea that Iraq supports al Qaeda.

Apply the criteria

What other countries in the Near East and North Africa should we invade?

Near East and North Africa
Country Killings Torture Waged War Defied UN
Algeria Yes Yes No Yes
Bahrain No Yes No Yes
Egypt Yes Yes Yes Yes
Iran Yes Yes Yes Yes
Iraq Yes Yes Yes Yes
Israel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jordan No Yes No Yes
Kuwait No Yes No No
Lebanon No Yes Yes Yes
Libya Yes Yes No Yes
Morocco No Yes Yes Yes
Oman No No No No
Qatar No No No No
Saudi Arabia Yes Yes Yes Yes
Syria No Yes Yes Yes
Tunisia Yes Yes No No
United Arab Emirates No No No No
Western Sahara Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yemen Yes Yes Yes Yes

2 down, 20 more to go

These criteria justify invading Egypt, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Western Sahara, Yemen and sixteen more countries in Africa. Now that we have invaded Afghanastan and Iraq, using the official White House criteria, we should invade 20 more countries.

Oppose Imperialism

If you find it difficult to accept these reasons to invade 20 more countries, then you should wonder why these reasons are used to support an invasion of Iraq. They are not sufficient reason for invasion. These criteria are flawed. There are other ways to promote security than Imperialism.


I have linked to all sources. The primary source for this information is the United States Government. Colin Powell, the Secretary of Defense, just released a report entitled Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.

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