Transform a life, transform the world

The good news is that with the help of incredible old friends, wonderful new friends, and fantastic strangers, I have rebounded from the theft of everything I own in November 2015, the six-year-long slow and steady decline of my life has leveled off, and I seem to be on the cusp of a major, … Continue reading

Writing coach and editor

I can teach you how to clearly express your ideas, and you will not need to learn thousands of rules. Each week, I will coach you by editing a document you have written. You will email to me a document you want to share with other people: a business proposal, a research paper, or an email, as … Continue reading

The Star-Spangled Banner

If today's copyright laws were in force in 1812, "The Star-Spangled Banner," the United States national anthem, would have been copyright infringement of a British tune. Copyright is supposed to encourage creativity, not stifle it. Modern copyright is … Continue reading