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Updated: Monday 07 April 2014

Down the rabbit hole with Hunter Hogan

Posted: Monday 07 April 2014

My life: A disjoint story of some parts of Hunter Hogan’s life

Be­gin­ning in March 2012, I have tried to ex­plain my stranger-than-fic­tion life. I have at­temp­ted mul­tiple meth­ods but each is in­com­plete and the res­ult is an in­com­plete, non-co­hes­ive, col­lec­tion of facts that sound too strange to be true. New home page for My Life sec­tion.

Old pages and ancient pages

Other websites

As I re­struc­ture and add new in­form­a­tion, I will also add new in­form­a­tion to these oth­er web­sites. Each of them already has some in­form­a­tion that is not avail­able any­where else.