The making of a pariah

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[am i in love with her?]

is love noticing her hair is softer today than yesterday?
is love rationally willing me to not think of her, but doing so anyway?

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The plan is progressing, now more quickly

needle and thread

I am almost ready to go, and I discovered that I have less time than I thought.

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[i know this is going to hurt]

like a junkie searching for a vein,
i want to be with you

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The most substantial change in my life

I am still fighting, but I am unsure if I am fighting the right battles.

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[i know who magical is.]

She has captured me with her enchantments
and i do not want to be freed.

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will you hold me tonight?

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vision inspired

you Are rhythm beyond motion,

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Life happens whether or not you are ready

Toilet paper

I have bought enough equipment that I am ready to camp, but I have many things to learn.

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A mountain is taller than it looks

"Cacahuates Japoneses" by Meowmeow10 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Even though for at least a year I have thought about living in a tent, this change is inconceivable to me. Because I can only carry what will fit in my backpack (this video will soon be a historical document), my list of things to do is greatly restricted, which is a very good thing . . .

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[i can summon Wendyness.]

i can summon moving her hair from my face because her body is on mine
and knowing[feeling] her love.

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To Courtney

this really isn’t TO you.
i would only write this TO you, if you had called me back,

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I bought a tent, so I guess this is real

Coleman tent

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately.”

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ambivalence (in the end)

will miss some me toos,
also some please don’ts;

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i do not want to do,
i want to be;
i want to crawl under your blanket of you-ness

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Two stories of my need for coffee, with bonus stories about spoons and college

Baja hoodie

Sometimes I need coffee to function–and one “coffee incident” reminded me some fun times in college.

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new relationship

i know you better than i do.
i am driving in a town i have been to before [not]

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Chronicles: A Flickr gallery

Truck on fire

Events and stories.

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The alleged reason for the ARDC’s illegal subpoena

There is no law. There is only power. There are no facts. There are only fiats.

The ARDC issued an illegal subpoena that exposed the private information of 900 people just to they could find one message.

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Why am1 so absentminded lately? lhate it. Why am1 so impressionable?

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The politico-legal-economic system is evil, but I can help fix it

Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at

The system is sick and causes evil things to happen, and I can be part of the solution to fix our problems.

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